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08 February 2009 @ 10:52 pm
Another day wasted  
Spend all yesterday programming a door, and all day today completely avioiding it.  I've largely succeeded in getting absolutely nothing accomplished, other than labelling all my burned movies, and of course watching a few in the process.  This week is yet another fruitless week- I have no work scheduled and really have no other work related tasks which I feel any inclination to do.  In this state of economy, getting a paycheck for absolutely nothing just seems unsustainable, which brings me to that gloom and doom prediction that my working days are numbered. My existance won't change, just my income. I don't see job hunting in my case will be very productive at this time.

It's interesting how things change as I get older.  When I was young and broke, and supporting a family, I never had any doubt that I would get another job if I lost one.  Of course, at that time, the economy was  not in recession, and I really didn't have much in the way of bills.  In the current situation, at the same age, I could survive as we did the first time, but I don't believe we could have accompished as much in the end.
Being married very much helped us survive.  I don't see how single people today can get ahead without getting some really good breaks. It only takes one bad break to ruin household.

On another train of thought, when I was young, I was looking for love (sex) and basically someone to share life with.  I was lucky, and found this without having to look too long.  I got married, and went on pursuing  the survive and prosper portion of life.  I never had to bother persuing new relationships etc. as I always had what I needed.  I wonder sometimes of I missed an important part of developing social or relationship skills by not ever having had to vet out personal relationships in the process of finding the "right" one.  

I have no need or desire to interact with people for more than very short periods of time- am I just a hermit in disguise, or just too well adjusted to my life with Kim and don't need anything else. (Since I don't really care enough to change, I guess it really doesn't matter in the end).

My musings bring me to another interesting question:
Do older people, after ending a relationship for whatever reason, pursue new relationships and fall in love as they did when they were young, or does biology change the way new relationships are formed to something more appropriate, considering you're no longer in the family creation mode.  

Why would I even want to know something like that? Hmmmmmm.....

Well, I'm a guy, but I still enjoy romatic comedys.   
I don't expect I will ever have to start another initimate relationship from scratch, and really don't have a need to.

I think it's because humans can empathize with relationships and experiences of other people, even if they aren't actually part of that experience themselves. Falling in love, making a touchdown, beating the crap out of some asshole can be experienced by observation as if you actually the one doing it. This indirect experience is one of the many cool things primate brains can do that lower animals don't have brain anatomy to accomplish. (This allows humans to learn something without actually having to do it, which really comes in handy sometimes.)

With that said, is my current state of monogamous maritial bliss due to Kim being an awesome partner, (Kim's view, I'm sure).
Or, perhaps I quell instinctive tendencys towards poligamy by being good at empathizing relationships I observe.
I guess it really doesn't matter, as long as the end result is what it is.

Hmmmmmmmm- Horny is good. Maybe I should pop in some porn and work on my empathy skills!