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09 January 2011 @ 10:48 am
it's a new year  
First post for the year. Maybe I should do this more often.

Played RB3 last night with Kim on the drums- it was just terrible- she couldn't play them to save her life!
So I went on drums and she took the guitar, and I found out I really suck at the drums too. We didn't drink that much, WTF!!! Then I hit the green cymbal, and the red pad lit up on the screen- Ah the game is screwed up, so we restarted the game. Then it dawned on me what was going on as the game was restarting. I checked the drum configuration, and sure enough, it was left handed. It's amazing how much difference that makes. In any case, we switched it and sucked much less the rest of the night. At least I was able to keep up with Kim score wise for a change. More importantly, we now have a van! (in the game)

Worked on the theater door program again The following line took me over an hour to figure out. Worked fine when I ran the speaker, but hosed everything up when I turned the curtian on in the software. Turns out what I wrote in the comment wasn't entirely true! Anyone who can program would probably call me a blithering idiot, but that's me!

IF (motor=1) AND (dir=1) THEN
WRITE 1,1 'if moving speaker, update speaker position to eeprom #####################
Here's what I meant to say:

IF (motor=1) AND (dir=1) THEN 'if speaker moving and dir=1 make 0
ELSEIF motor=1 THEN 'else if speaker moving change memory to 1
WRITE 1,1 'if moving speaker, update speaker position to eeprom

When I create new code, I usually write it in english first, then translate to the appropriate language afterwards. the initial statement wasn't quite specific enough and it resulted in disaster. This is why I don't do this for a living- I like to eat!

Now on to fixing the bugs in the electrical portion of the speaker/curtain hardware.